Titania Biologica Vol. 4

Aaaaaand we’re back!


Jumping right into today’s news, let’s take a look at the five hottest marijuana stocks on the market (via Yahoo Finance).  Investments in publicly-traded marijuana stocks have jumped from 13 million in 2013 to already 1 billion dollars in 2018 so far!  It’s no secret that there is a lot of money to be made in the marijuana industry so let’s explore some of the leaders.


While Big Pharma has typically led the charge into medical marijuana, Big Tobacco is taking a plunge with Phillip Morris looking for new avenues to turn a profit.  


Cannabis Wheaton is a Canadian firm that is vertically integrated to reduce costs in the first national market to be fully legal and federally regulated.  We’re excited to see what CBW can do over the next few years with the rising demand across Canada.


Altria Group, another tobacco giant that has successfully forayed into vaping technology, has its sights set on cannabis legalization and could successfully do so with its large financial reserves.  


Insys, a big Pharma company that has already begun producing synthetic THC products, Subsys and Syndros, suffered some blow back from the impending national opioid epidemic but looking ahead, is a stock investors might want to pick up while it is down.  


Aphria, another Canada-based company, is focused mainly on online sales of products and offer a line of smokeless medications that are popular for those interested in lower doses.  Aphria is also a notable company in that has its eyes set on expanding the cannabis market in Africa.  10.000 tons of marijuana are harvested on the continent, which could be turned into a lot of money for countries should they legalize.  


GW Pharmaceuticals created the first marijuana-based, experimental drug used to children with epilepsy, Epidolex.  The company is based in the UK where marijuana legalization is a hot topic. England already has medicinal marijuana products, including Sativex, and a recent petition shows that UK citizens are adamant on legalising the plant that could provide 3.5 billion pounds in tax revenue.  


Bloomberg.com offers insight on cannabis investments on Wall Street, saying that most investors still wish to stay under the radar when it comes to cannabis.  The Green Rush, or cannabis market boom, is expected to 75 billion in sales by 2030 but still remains illegal on the federal level.  The company Merida is a private equity firm that focuses 15% of its portfolio on cannabis and built its leadership on experience in the industry as well as East coast grit in familiarity with stock trading.  The company plans to do 75 deals a month, with due diligence on 10 or them, taking a risky dartboard approach that will most likely pay off.