Titania Biologica Vol. 3

First off, I’d like to apologize about such a long hiatus!  As we all know, sometimes, life throws a lot at us but now, back to business.  

I hope everyone had a phenomenal holiday (4/20!) and but now it is on to May.  And with the turning of the calendars comes a topic close the heart of your fearless blog writer.  The State of Maine is voting today, May the 2nd, to determine if the most northeastern state will “join the handful of states with a functioning market for recreational marijuana.” (MainePublic.org) Maine voted in 2016 to legalize recreational use of marijuana but it has not decided how to utilize this legislation.  This is the second attempt at finding a common ground in the state capital and notable differences from the first failed attempt include the elimination of social clubs, decrease in the number of plants that can be cultivated, and no tax-sharing with munincipalities.  Let’s have faith in our elected officials to do the right thing and help the great state of Maine live up to its motto “Dirigo” or “I lead.”

Also coming from Maine is a piece by CNN which highlights how medical marijuana has helped thousands of those suffering from opiod addiction.  The video touches on how the opioid epidemic can be combated with medical marijuana and the success stories that happen everyday and should not be hindered by outdated laws.  

Keeping with the medical side of things, Medical News Today released an article that talked about a study by Washington State University that sheds light the effects of THC and CBD on depression.  Their claim is that 10 puffs tended to release stress and just 2 puffs reduced anxiety. They also found that long term use could exacerbate depression also.  Check out the article here.

The Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation has given the largest gift ever for medical marijuana research ($4.7 million!) to UCSD in hopes that will help find a treatment for autism.  Entrepreneur.com’s article explains that CBD is the main ingredient aimed to be tested on children with moderate to severe autism.  Here’s hoping they find positive results.

The Times announced in mid-April that the FDA approved a cannabis-based drug for epilepsy! The drug is called Epidolex and is added to a short list of medicines derived from cannabis.  This a great development in pharmaceuticals and we hope to report many more breakthroughs like it.

I’m not really one to even try and wrap my mind around cryptocurrencies but I’m sure many of your reading have a fine grasp.  Forbes reports of a Seatll-based firm, düber, has released a new currency, dübercoins, that will try to enter an industry that has traditionally only dealt in cash.  Read the interview with düber’s CEO if you want to learn more.  

Another listing from Forbes is about a different kind of merger of tech and marijuana.  “I heart Jane” aims to be the GrubHub of cannabis and so far has 250 clients in 10 states.  The service seems pretty legit and very helpful for business that want to go from ‘brick and mortar’ to ‘click and mortar.’

Big strides are being taken around the world:

Zimbabwe is beginning to issue cannabis cultivation licenses  

Marijuana flowers are legal in Italy but only as ‘collectors items’

New Jersey now offers medical marijuana with 20,000 people already enrolled

The Svans for Georgie (the country) go on a quest for an ancient culture’s cannabis cooking

Back in California, High Times has produced a piece that goes inside THC Design’s 20,000 sq. ft. facility.  The place is state of the art and the article definitely worth a read.  

To end with our pop-culture update we return to Ricky Williams who is now featured in an article by The New Yorker.  Williams has enrolled in in a doctoral program in Los Angeles and seems to have already dove deep into the annals of Chinese-medicine pharmacopoeia.  He says he tries to avoid Western Medicine and that even the Chinese recommend cannabis seeds to relieve constipation.  


Well that’s all folks! We will check back in with you soon