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Let’s get started first with what we think is a much needed refresher on cannabinoids, issued by High Times.  High Times has been in publication since 1974 and is widely regarded as a staple of counter-culture news.  The article begins by answering the questions what are cannabinoids, how they are received in the human body through the endocannabinoid system, and what are the most prominent cannabinoids.  

This article was definitely helpful in my quest for more comprehensive cannabis knowledge, I had not heard of a couple of these cannabinoids (CBC and THCV).  The article is easy to read and little light on the science but luckily includes links to more in-depth research on each of the topics presented. Definitely give this one a read and feel free to bring up your new found weed facts at your next cocktail hour or medicinal summit.  

The aforementioned article is based on research done over the past few decades done across the world but not really in the US of A.  NPR released an online piece covering the state of cannabis research in the Union.  Marijuana has been regulated in the United States for almost a century, the result of which being that research on the plant as a medicine has been widely prevented.  Even as recent as last month, DHHS Secretary Alex Azar claimed that there is “no such thing as medical marijuana.”  This is just another example of preposterous policies coming out of this years government which has ramifications that resonate across the country.  

NPR’s article explores a few anecdotes of patients who have suffered because of the tight regulations on marijuana.  Most doctors prescribe opioids for people who suffer from pain but as I’m sure many of you are familiar with, the opioid pandemic has grown out of hand in our country due to the drugs’ addicting and debilitating nature.  

While many Americans are left wondering when research legislation will catch up to the times (almost all states have ordained medical marijuana programs), companies from our northern neighbors in Canada have begun research that will hopefully ignite this change.  

“According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, cannabis has no medical use. Until two years ago, all domestic research on the drug had to rely on rotting samples from a single, well-secured weed facility at the University of Mississippi.”

Despite this fact, Business Insider covers two companies changing the game as part of Johnson & Johnson’s JLabs Innovation network.  The companies’ aim to explore the almost 400 compounds (more than just THC and CBD!) found in cannabis and the medical benefits of them.  Vapium Medical and Avicanna are the two leading the way, but hopefully the pharmaceutical giant will begin to accept more applicants to explore the positive sides of growing and consuming cannabis.  

While the scientific side of research is still being established, Leafly comes at us with a more artistic approach to cannabis therapy.  Art therapy is an emerging technique to help patients process their relationships with themselves and others.  Seems like a perfect pair with cannabis right? Apparently it is not as simple as that but you’ll have to read the article to see why.  

Now to the lighter side of things….

Have you ever seen those hemp-infused beers in the cooler and wondered if they might “get me high?” I stand guilty as charged but that is the clearly not the case.  Until now! Blue Moon founder, Keith Villa, has decided to change the game with not a hemp infused beer but THC-rich adult beverage.  He is working with a cannabis research company, CERIA, to create what some might call the perfect beverage.  Read the article from Forbes here.

Now if you live in Los Angeles, you might be able to enjoy this special beer in a social setting in the near future.  WeHo has approved licenses for cannabis consumption lounges! Eater LA announced that there will be 40 licenses available accompanied by a detailed application process.  This definitely requires a trip back to LA for me ASAP to enjoy one of the two types of lounge licenses up for grabs.  

Another one for those of you in Southern California is an article by AdWeek.  They want to give us a heads up that MedMen will be conducting a $2million dollar ad push trying to combat the negative attributes to those who consumer marijuana (“stoners”).  They will also be publishing a quarterly magazine called Ember. Even though they are fairly new, MedMen is certainly a prominent name in the consumer-facing game, modeling their dispensaries like an Apple store and trailblazing new markets such as Manhattan, NY.  

Manhattan you say?! Yes.  MedMen is set to open up a 5th Avenue dispensary bordering Bryant Park.  While New York only has a handful of medical patients, MedMen has ignored the scrutiny of others and decided to get ahead of the game and get some high-density attention from New Yorkers.  Prospectors put recreational legalization in New York coming in 4-8 years and MedMen clearly wants to cash in on that.

Heading back west, and with potentially upsetting news to those in Colorado, lawmakers have again said no to cannabis clubs.  While this might seem like a setback to some, Colorado has been on the cutting edge of cannabis legislation and may soon change their minds regarding clubs.  Coloradans, please feel free to enjoy responsibly in your own homes in the meantime.

In pop-culture:  Last week we covered Ricky Williams arrival into the business of cannabis.  Today we cover Lamar Odom’s.  Lamar had a widely covered breakdown, do to substance abuse, but has since turned it around with the help therapy, rehab, and marijuana.  Lamar’s company is called Rich Soil Organics, and has brought to market many holistic products ranging from soap, to body butter and teeth-whitening charcoal powder.  

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