Titania Biologica Vol. 1

Howdy Folks!

We’d like to thank everyone for visiting the first installment of Titan Biologics’ blog.  


As you know from OptiVeg™ (forgive the shameless plug), we at Titan are dedicated to the highest standards of non-GMO, organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients when it comes to our products.  So why wouldn’t we apply the same standards to our blog? Titanica Biologica aims to be your go-to source for up-to-date information from reliable sources (news outlets, publications, case studies, etc.). Our goal is  to educate ourselves and our readers as we strive to be successful, resourceful, and responsible players in the cannabis industry.


I know that many of you might have contradicting opinions from us when it comes to the politics, science, and commercialization of weed. Just remember that we are here only to state the facts available to the public on these issues and again, as in our products, keep the salt out of it.


Titan Biologics is a Los Angeles, CA based company founded by an entrepreneur with a background in Medicine and Biology.  He taught himself the ins-and-outs of no-till, hydroponics, aquaponics and sustainable agronomy. Some might say he has a green thumb.  Over the past decade, he has combined these tangible skills with an insatiable desire to provide cannabis farmers with the means to create the best organic crops on the market.  


But enough about us, let's get to what’s going on in the world this week.  For you local readers, we will try to highlight Los Angeles and California news, but also stay abreast of the happenings across the rest of the country–and sometimes the world.  Let’s dig deeper.


Coming from the LA Times this week is also this week’s light listening.  The article covers a podcast put out by two guys who get together, kick back and talk about some well-researched Weed History.  They have two episodes out right now that mainly contain commentary on the culture of weed throughout the modern era, including some hilarious and entertaining tidbits about Maya Angelou and Willie Nelson.  Give them a listen here.  


Another piece that covers the weed landscape in Los Angeles comes from Leafly.  Leafly is not only “the largest cannabis website in the world” (Wikipedia), but also a great resource for cannabis patients and enthusiasts alike to distinguish what strain is right for them. Leafly keeps dispensaries and growers honest, so they won’t try to sell you some Sour Diesel that finds you 4 hours late to brunch, locked into your 10th episode of Rick and Morty and covered in 64 oz. of Bugles.  


Back to the article… Leafly covers an interesting aspect of LA’s weed scene–the involvement of women.  Now we aren’t talking tradeshows, guys, we’re talking about the amount of women that hold cannabis licenses in the City of Angels.  The number might surprise you, or not, but it’s less than 25%, it’s closer to 1 out of 8!  If you haven’t been to LA in a while, women make up at least half of the population.  These emerging female canna-business owners will help fuel the legalization movement and empower women who have traditionally been under-represented in the cannabis industry.  


Now many of us in California might “find it increasingly easy to buy pot but harder to find legal places to smoke it,” says Paul Elias in an article for marinij.com. He goes on to explore how San Francisco has allowed the opening of the Barbary Coast Lounge, a dispensary that permits the use of marijuana products on location. Cannabis tourism is predicted to be a major part of the industry, but how it will evolve is still very uncertain.  Elias tells, “The city of West Hollywood has approved plans to issue up to eight licenses; the tiny San Francisco Bay Area town of Alameda said it will allow two; and Oakland and South Lake Tahoe each have one lounge. Sacramento, Los Angeles and other cities are discussing the issue but have not authorized any lounges.”  If you are in California and want to weigh in on this issue, we’re sure there is a local representative or hotline you can call..


In national news, Forbes has called for investors to avoid cannabis investments because of uncertain futures. If you’re reading this I’m sure you are already quite invested and would love to tell Forbes about all the great green things that are happening on the ground level.  


Now as much as I am an storied wordsmith, Titan Biologic’s founder is our mad scientist.  This guy enjoys a cold-brew precisely as much as a hand-roll and I’m sure he would love to discuss all there is to know about neurotransmitters and the endocannabinoid system.  Alas, I cannot. So I’ll leave it to Science Daily.


***Please enjoy coffee AND cannabis responsibly***


In pop culture: retired NFL running back, Ricky Williams, has become a healer.  His brand Real Wellness, RW for short, markets a range of products from salves to vape cartridges to consulting services.  While the NFL does not permit the use of marijuana, many retired athletes are harnessing the benefits of cannabis to help manage pain from years of physical exertion.  Perhaps the endorsement of this wonderful plant and its medicinal benefits by influencers like Ricky will help lawmakers realize that things need to change.


I want to end our first installment with a quote from Ricky that truly resonated with me. I hope does with you too:

“When they write my obit, I want it to talk about the people I’ve touched and the lives I’ve changed.”