Our Process

Titan Biologics advocates for responsible plant nutrition and treatment through the use of advanced organic sciences. All Titan Biologics ingredients are FDA approved, organic, non-GMO, biologically derived, sustainable and NOT SALT BASED.

After years of development Tian Biologics has refined their products in quality-controlled labs for universal application. Titan Biologics has eliminated the risks associated with growing organic by basing a multitude of their techniques and products on NASA technology developed to optimize crop growth on the International Space Station. Here in this atmosphere, Titan Biologics' method addresses the possible perils of organic gardening -- preventing rather than treating the harmful headaches of pests and fungi by boosting healthy immune responses in plants.

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Titan Biologics is vertically integrated. The process is controlled from beginning to end . Fewer ingredients means unlimited applications and Titan Biologics is fundamentally committed to asking the tough questions while adapting to the demands of organic agriculture.

At Titan Biologics, we don’t base our claims on theories. We base them on facts and empirical evidence.

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