optimized plant health

100% Organic

Fueled by Chitin

Guaranteed Results

Don't just give your plants what they need to survive. Give them what they need to thrive.

To summarize OptiVeg in one word: simplicity. It's an elegant one step process that ensures total plant health. From transplant to mom stock, OptiVeg is a game changer. We rely on it for healthy root zone and nutrient uptake. Since the change, all of our active ingredients are higher, just hit our first 3% terpene. Yields are about the same but overall plant health is massively improved. I can't imagine running our facility without it.

-Tom (Mother Magnolia Medicinals)

Helps with root production and nutrient absorbtion within the rhyzosphere. I have used this product since they first became a company! Great product, great results.

-Jared U.

Reduced transplant shock quite a bit and transformed some neglected little ones into lush beasts in very short order. Would definitely use this again!

-Michael H.